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Second half

Part Two of The Open Mind interview with Cecilia Skidmore is now on line.  Download and listen to both here.


Talking with Sherry Bracken

My Mother’s Day interview with Sherry Bracken has been posted on The Big Island News Center.  You can listen to the half hour discussion here.  We talk about everything from astrophysics, to my mother, to the inspiration for my first novel to Hiroshima in the Morning.  She is a thoughtful, warm and very smart interviewer.  Thanks Sherry!


Coming up

An hour-long discussion of Hiroshima in the Morning, writing, Japan… on Heart of a Woman, Monday, 21st.

The Joy Behar Show, HLN/CNN, Monday, 21st, at 10 pm.

Daybreak, ITV (U.K. morning show) Thursday, 24th.

One to One, CUNY-TV,  Monday, 28th, 7 am, 1 pm, 11 pm; April 3rd, 9 am.  (Also streamed on YouTube)

The Gender Gap in Motherhood, The Huffington Post.

For an up to date list of appearances with links and videos, check the sidebar.

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