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“National Book Critics Circle finalist Rizzuto blends historical fiction and mystery into a haunting examination of identity and family in this perfect book club choice.”

―Library Journal (Starred Review) for Shadow Child

“The many avenues of Hiroshima in the Morning–explorations of history, of culture, of family, of self–ebb and flow to deliver a stunning portrait of survival. Rizzuto’s writing is lyrical and moving, transcendent and beautiful, yet it constructs a robust narrative that does not succumb to the gravity of the world events that inform it.”

—Rigoberto González, National Book Critics Circle Judge

“Working with Reiko is a gift. It’s extraordinary to be read so deeply by someone with such reserves of empathy, insight, and intellect. She has offered me a process, a vision, and a path to get there. Most extraordinary, Reiko excels at engaging both the macro and the micro levels of a project. She has asked tough questions to help me decide how to shape my manuscript, while at the same time, with just a few edits, she has often enabled me to finish prose poems and short nonfiction that long evaded completion. I trust Reiko with my deepest self, my most vulnerable work.

– Elizabeth Frost, author of All of Us, The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry and others

“Searing. Rizzuto expertly heightens the drama of the Okada family’s saga with her tensile and vigorous prose, as unsparing as the story she tells. The harsh conditions of immigrant life, and the scars it leaves on succeeding generations, have been portrayed before, but Rizzuto’s uncompromising portrait of the suffering of Japanese-Americans is depicted with rare force and candor.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review of Why She Left Us

The Grove Retreat was a magical container for creativity in community. I admired the exquisite choreography of workshop offerings, one-on-one and small group conversations, personal reflection, generative writing, and movement. I came away feeling inspired and with clarity of purpose. I understood writing as soul work. And what joy I experienced in the company of other writers: great big belly laughs all week long!


 – Sarah C. Townsend, author, Setting the Wire

“I can feel Reiko’s deep connection to the cards, and this connection serves as a bridge, or channel if you will, for the seeker to gain messages and wisdom from their own soul. I received the validation I needed to stay on my path, and it was delivered by Reiko’s pure vision and understanding of the brilliance contained within the cards. Her translation and interpretation is impeccable, and I trust this woman (I always have) to offer compassionate, intuitive and clear information that always serves.”