Rushing things. Trying to check my email while rescheduling my acupuncture appointment. Not the worst thing in the world as long as I don’t press send.

I have tried to save my children from too much of this multi-tasking sound bite world too soon by trying to limit electronic games, television. My older son still insists he finds it easier to concentrate on polynomials with Pandora playing in his earphones and perhaps Facebook open and lurking behind a sheaf of other open windows to be clicked on once I leave the room.

And I, who made up the rules to protect the present – the live-in-the-moment zen path to enlightenment – find myself dropping the telephone on a friend from Canada to hand another friend who was away from home for a week his mail. Unable to connect with either of them in that traverse across the house and back, no good to anyone, including myself.

Breathe. Do one thing. Do nothing. Remember what it feels like when you can.


*a tribute to Bhanu Kapil. Just the title, not the text.